A Unique Theatrical Event

About the project

Conceived and Created by Jen Heyes.
Written and composed by by Ailís Ní Ríain.
Designed by Olivia du Monceau

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is transformed into a living, breathing canvas of Titanic proportions delivered by a company of highly experienced creative collaborators to bring a production on an awesome and intimate scale inside the Cathedral space.

Highly accomplished and established musician Brendan Ball (co-principal trumpet and principal cornet with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) played original music live as part of Treasured, alongside live recordings of cutting edge contemporary classical music created especially by Irish multi prize-winning classical composerAilís Ní Ríain.


‘The really eerie moments come from the projections onto the huge wall spaces of the cathedral. It is uncanny to witness the ship sailing down into the nave. To find yourself underneath looking up at the hull sailing overhead is chilling. A high-wire act features a young woman descending into the deep and drowning, her lifeless body hanging a hundred or so feet up in the rippling blue space of the cathedral.
Treasured is a clever, eerie, disturbing piece of work. a tale of dreams shattered, of greed which met a sorry end, of power and dominance which met the power of nature – and came off the worse.
It should be seen.
The ArtsDesk


Nicola Bentley, Brian Dodd, Christopher Hollinshead, Nick Birkinshaw and Laura Campbell

Live Music: Brendan Ball

Additional Music: Simon Chappell, Simon Cowen, Simon Griffiths, Rhys Owens

Co producer : Nick Owen

Lighting Design: Phil Saunders

Video Production: Illuminos

Aerial Work: Wired Aerial Theatre

Sound Design: Adam Sloan

Photography: Robin Kaye